About VanGoYourself

Tired of just looking at paintings? Now it’s time to get inside them and discover art in a whole new way.  VanGoYourself is an award winning site that allows you to recreate classic scenes from some of the world’s most famous paintings and then share with your friends. The site features works from Masters such as Van Gogh or Rembrandt – with over 100 paintings from more than 34 venues in 15 countries all just waiting to be recreated!

So how does it work?

First, channel your inner artist and pick a painting from the selection on the VanGoYourself website. Get together with your friends to recreate the famous scene, take a snap and upload it to VanGoYourself, which will twin your new master with the original artwork for you to share on social media, immortalising your artistic talent for all to see!

The site allows you to choose the level of difficulty using tags. You can choose paintings that are ‘Easy to recreate’ or a ‘Challenge for a Master’ or ones that are suitable for 1 person, 2 people, 3 people, +4 people.  You can even choose using tags such as Romantic or Pets.

We curate the best of your recreations in the VanGo’d gallery. There is also a VanGoYourself tumblr where all the submissions, for good or bad, are published together.

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Are you a Collection holder? 

If you are a museum or gallery find out how to add your paintings to our site on this Add A Painting page

Who is behind it?

VanGoYourself is run and managed by Culture24 an independent arts charity in the UK with a sense of humour. We have a track record of successfully working to support arts and heritage organisations to reach audiences online and to challenge the views of some people who think museums can be boring.

VanGoYourself was a Europeana Innovation created as part of the Europeana Creative project and co-funded by the European Commission to enable and promote the greater re-use by creative industries of cultural heritage resources aggregated by Europeana (

VanGoYourself was developed in partnership with in Luxembourg. It  is a responsive webservice built in WordPress by Surface Impression in the UK. The design is by Spild af Tid in Denmark and the image twinning is built by the Austrian Institute of Technology in Vienna.

We are also lucky to have received individual pledges from Art Lovers and supporters of VanGoYourself

Recreate artworks with your friends