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Join 34 museums and galleries from over 13 different countries and feature your paintings, sculptures and photographs on VanGoYourself.

Is you are you a museum, gallery, heritage site or archive that wants to find new ways for audiences to engage with your collections, then adding artworks from your museum or gallery is easy – and best of all, it’s completely free! You know your collections best, and we want to help you showcase them and encourage others to see them in new dynamic ways.

Take a look at our VanGo’d gallery to see the kinds of artworks we want to see. Our only requirement is that all images you submit must have an open licence. We need this so that anyone can recreate your painting with VanGoYourself. The licence can be CC0,   CC-BY, CC-BY-SA or in the public domain. Whichever licence you choose, it must allow anyone to share and remix the image.

Once you’ve sorted the licence, we’re nearly ready to go! All we need is for you to send us the following:

  • A high-resolution (around 2-5MB) image of the painting. This can be sent as a file or as a short URL link;
  • Name of the artwork (if known)
  • Name of the artist (if known)
  • Period of painting or date (if known)
  • Name of the collection/museum/gallery where the painting can be found

We also like to write a short description to accompany the work, so any information you have about the painting and artist will be helpful. Contact if you have any questions.

I’d like to use VanGoYourself at an event – where do I start?

We’ve developed a 7 page resource pack to support museums and galleries planning a VanGoYourself event. It includes case studies from three European venues who used VanGoYourself to engage their visitors, including Chippenham Museum.

Download the VanGoYourself resource pack here.

VanGoYourself also offers a great opportunity for real life events at your venue to generate awareness or even revenue. Such events offer the public the opportunity to VanGo themselves next to the real thing, perhaps even with props and costumes.

We have experience in leading over 20 events across the UK and Europe, including Museums at Night and other special events and conferences. If you’re interested in running a VanGoYourself event, please so let us know so we can help you to promote it.

#SMKFridays Recreating paintings from the collection with visitors
#SMKFridays at the National Gallery of Denmark


Add VanGoYourself to your site

You can also include VanGoYourself on your own website with our simple widget. We offer two kinds of widget: one which will embed a specific single recreated image, and one which will embed a feed of VanGo’d images. This feed uses our tags to select which images to feature, enabling you to showcase recreations specific to your venue, or a topic of your choice. Click here to find out more about our widgets.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact We would love to hear from you.

Recreate artworks with your friends