Agnes Block, Sybrand de Flines and Two Children

Agnes Block, Amsterdam Museum, Public Domain

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License of this image: CC-BY-SA
License of original image: Amsterdam Museum - Public Domain

By: Jan Weenix (1640-1719
Created: 1684-1704, Collection: Amsterdam Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands Rights: Public Domain

This family shows us what they love to do and where they love to be. Just try to do the same in your recreation and you will create a timeless portrait of family of our days.

In the foreground , a large garden , a group of husband , wife and two children , very posed , the gaze of the viewer . The man , in a long red robe , is doing with art , books and curios.

The woman is left of it , a drawing in hand . One of the children leave a bowl of fruit on the thighs of women support the second left sitting in the plane , has a bird in the hand . Between the two , as well as the far right , a dog .

Dark tree lot right behind the balustrade . In the background , on both sides of a gate, two rows of trees . The muted color gamut of the thinly painted scene is dominated by the brownish greens of the foliage .

Agnes Block (1629-1704) is portrayed with her second husband , the silk merchant Sybrand de Flines (1623-1697), and two kids . Since 1676 Block Agnes lived at her country house Vijverhof on the Vecht , which they had built . She managed to grow pineapples – here the far left – after this fruit was imported from Suriname in 1680 . They also bred birds and let it portray. In the background, an aviary and a greenhouse to see. The attributes on and around the table refer to the interest of the couple in art and natural history.