Portrait of a Woman with Smokey Eyes

Portrait of a woman, Harry Rabinger, Villa Vauban, Luxembourg, CC-BY-SA

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License of this image: CC-BY-SA
License of original image: Villa Vauban - CC-BY-SA

By: Harry Rabinger (1895-1966)
Created: 1920s, Collection: Villa Vauban, Luxembourg Rights: CC-BY-SA

All the light is on the face with the great smokey eyes. If you want to achieve a similar striking effect, you should wear a dark dress and stand in front of a dark wall. Don't be sparing with mascara and eye liner.

Smokey eyes, a fashionable dark violet dress and a three quarter profile portrait: this woman from the Roaring Twenties would still be à la mode at a cool cocktail party of today. The recreation of this painting definitely has got “Selfie Potential”.

The work of the luxembourgish artist Harry Rabinger varies from brightly coloured still lives to startlingly realistic nudes and portraits, including his famous women with boyish hairdos. The woman in our portrait features a look that could have come straight from one of the most famous expressionist movies of the time, Metropolis by Fritz Lang.